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toolpilots MATE

Do your marketing better and faster.

Control your marketing faster, leaner and more efficient.
Without time-consuming Excel spreadsheet chaos and stress.

See what your team is working on in one place.

Save time with automation and templates

Improve collaboration and communication across teams

Cost savings through more efficient budget management

Increase efficiency through better resource planning

Improve performance through detailed reports

How does toolpilots MATE help?

Full visibility into marketing activities

See all projects, plan new campaigns and filter your view to see only the data you need. Define any filters to specialize your marketing planning view by subject. With a few clicks you can reduce the selection of displayed projects to the essentials using a combination of selected category elements. Filters can be saved in the system and made available to other team members.

Management of budgets in one central system

Automate the annual budget process with top-down distribution of available funds or bottom-up aggregation using project and budget templates. Capture and manage planned marketing spend based on projects (activities) and associated milestones and actions.

Keep track of all timings

See at a glance which tasks are related and what needs to be done to complete tasks so that everything runs smoothly. Add ad hoc tasks in seconds, respond quickly to market changes, and see potential roadblocks at a glance.

Fast search of files

No more time-consuming searches for files and documents. The integrated file repository lets you attach assets to any element in the design. The file dialog lists all files associated with a selected item, including name, creation date, size, and attachment type. Upload files of any type to share images, vector graphics, invoices, or text with other team members.

Track success metrics and optimize campaigns

Evaluate your metrics with data instead of gut feeling and optimize your ROI by optimizing your budgets and costs. For a behind-the-scenes look, you can use the cost report, a detailed detailed, tabular view of all project costs and associated budgets, or the interactive Chart View, which gives you a quick overview of the functional of the functional distribution of costs.

The digital ecosystem for marketing

Coordinate your marketing in one place and bring all stakeholders together. Automate your processes and connect today's disparate systems and digital solutions with toolpilots MATE. Collaborate seamlessly across teams and realize the full potential of your business.

Great marketing teams use toolpilots MATE.

Try toolpilots MATE with your entire team without obligation.
See for yourself how the Marketing Resource Management solution can make life easier for your team.

Who does toolpilots MATE help?

Faster planning processes

Plan and manage marketing resources more efficiently. Delegate tasks, set deadlines, and track the progress of all activities in real time. Increase efficiency and reduce the risk of overwork or misallocation of resources.

Simplify creative briefing

Streamline collaboration and communication within your marketing team, with other departments, and with outside vendors by delegating tasks, giving and receiving feedback, and sharing documents and files.

Analysis and reporting

Create meaningful reports for robust forecasting and accurate budget reconciliation. Make quick decisions on which activities to allocate your budget to successfully align campaigns. This makes it easy to maximize your chances of success.

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. Centralize and consolidate information, resources, and workflows. By working together more effectively, you can accelerate your time to market.

Effective campaigns

Improve your sales campaigns by focusing on the content and channels that work best. Avoid wasted spend and drive better results.

Optimized sales channels

Optimize and diversify your sales channels. Measure planned KPIs against real-world metrics and explore new sales channels, such as online marketplaces or social media platforms, that can help you reach more potential customers and increase sales.

Ensure budget control

Control budgets, planned costs, and recorded actual costs in real time instead of being blindsided by unknown numbers in meetings. Ensure that expenses are in line with business goals and budget.

Powerful reports

Create meaningful reports in just a few clicks for robust forecasting and accurate budget reconciliation. Make quick decisions on where to allocate your budget to successfully adjust campaigns.

True big picture view

Get a complete view of all campaigns, projects, and activities across the entire marketing year. Use the big-picture view to make sustainable decisions instead of getting lost in individual projects.

Easy asset management

Organize your digital assets and store all digital assets, such as images, graphics, and videos, with their respective planning and task items so that everyone can easily access, update, and share them. Avoid unnecessary duplication and inconsistencies.

Speed approval processes

Simplify workflows and use quick approval processes to move to the next phase of a project, approve designs, or review text and content.

Efficient collaboration

Use timelines and task templates to actively support designers and copywriters in marketing activities. Improved workflows facilitate communication between marketing planners and speed project completion.

Better recruitment marketing

Simplify your recruitment marketing and plan staffing needs into marketing projects to engage candidates and strengthen your employer brand. Measure and optimize the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing activities.

Training and development

Plan employee training, workshops, and development opportunities on a year-round basis. Organize learning content and evaluate qualitative feedback from learners directly in the system.

Performance Management

Use dashboards and reporting capabilities to confidently assess and track the performance of your projects. Improve the return on investment and effectiveness of your efforts.

Secure cost control

Get an overview of ongoing marketing planning and track the planned marketing budget. Control more accurately and better which marketing costs are planned and in place. Monitor all planned, contracted and incurred marketing costs in one place.

Meaningful reports

Use comprehensive cost reports to present and compare current facts and figures thematically, visually, and over time. With just a few clicks, you can identify previously unknown correlations and use the findings for future budget planning.

Significant time savings

Save valuable time with monthly, quarterly and annual reconciliation. Integrated interfaces to ERP, accounting or procurement systems enable automatic, data-driven budgeting, approval and cost allocation.

Marketing management combined with artificial intelligence.

Automated Marketing Planning

Plan your marketing campaigns quickly and easily with MATE KI instead of spending hours manually working out actions. MATE AI analyzes your data and helps you develop your marketing plan. MATE AI generates the right actions for your campaigns from the desired marketing mix. With powerful automation features, you can save time and optimize your campaigns to achieve your goals and effectively engage your customers.

Get your own Marketing Assistent

Chat with MATE KI, your personal marketing assistant. Tap into a wealth of knowledge to get quick and easy answers to your marketing questions. Using the latest technology, MATE KI provides accurate and relevant answers and valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

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Try toolpilots MATE with your entire team without obligation.
See for yourself how the Marketing Resource Management software can make life easier for your team.