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Manage budgets and costs effectively

For targeted cost deployment and effective budget controlling

Any cost elements and types

Manage your marketing costs based on any number of cost items and different cost types. Whether planned costs, commissioned costs, actual costs or accrued costs - all types can be managed and evaluated separately in toolpilots MATE.

Flexible budget management

With toolpilots MATE, thematic campaigns can be assigned a budget that is "used up" in the system by all assigned marketing projects. This means that you always have full cost control, even at the campaign level.

In addition, all categories of the planning can optionally be provided with a budget. On this basis, annual, hierarchical budget pots, cost centers and/or accounts can be mapped and cost items can be assigned.

Invoices and invoice items

As an alternative to entering actual costs for the project, you can also manage your marketing costs with toolpilots MATE on the basis of invoices and invoice items. Each item is assigned to a marketing project.

If budget buckets or accounts have been assigned at the level of planned costs, these are automatically adopted for the invoice items.

Variable time reference

Cost items in toolpilots MATE are automatically assigned to the duration of the associated project. However, if you want to assign cost items to a specific month in order to concretize your budgetary planning, this is of course possible.

Similarly, you can also assign individual invoice items to one or more months according to the performance period of the invoice.

In-depth evaluations

toolpilots MATE offers comprehensive evaluation functions with regard to costs and already used or still available budget - and this on the basis of different planning levels as well as any categories.

The evaluation is possible both in tabular form and on the basis of interactive diagrams.