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Use Artificial Intelligence.
Control your marketing.
Boost your brand.

MATE AI helps you do your job better and faster.

Automated Marketing Planning

Plan your marketing campaigns quickly and easily with MATE AI instead of spending hours manually working out actions. MATE AI analyzes your data and helps you develop your marketing plan. For your campaigns, AI generates appropriate actions from the desired marketing mix. With MATE AI's powerful automation capabilities, you can save time and optimize your campaigns to achieve your goals and effectively engage your customers.

Create marketing content

Let MATE AI write your emails, newsletters or blog articles without the hassle of writer's block. Processes that used to take hours are now done in seconds. Say goodbye to tedious research, endless revisions, and countless hours in front of a computer screen.

Your own marketing assistant

Chat with MATE AI, your personal marketing assistant. Tap into MATE AI's vast knowledge to get answers to your marketing questions quickly and easily. Using the latest technology, MATE AI provides accurate and relevant answers and valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Create Content Calendar

With MATE AI, you get a fully developed content calendar for your preferred platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Ensure that exciting topics are presented in an interesting way and in a meaningful context for your readers to better reach your target audience and get higher interaction rates on your posts.

Write detailed briefings

MATE AI helps you write detailed briefings to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the task and that your expectations are met. Formulate precise instructions and define important details and requirements for agencies and external service providers to ensure the success of your projects.

Optimize your text and content

Improve the quality of your text and content in seconds. Use MATE AI to optimize your content, increase readability and eliminate errors. Get instant suggestions and recommendations to improve your wording and engage your readers. Optimize your texts and content with MATE AI and stand out from the competition.

With MATE AI you have no limits

Use MATE AI in your everyday life. Save time for the things that matter.

Write blogs

Compose scripts

Design emails

Create templates

Generate hashtags

Receive ideas

Create posts

Write briefings

Optimize SEO

Analyze websites

Formulate text

+ much more

Skripte verfassen

Emails entwerfen

Vorlagen erstellen

Hashtags generieren

Ideen erhalten

SEO optimieren

Websites analysieren

+ vieles mehr

Leading companies use toolpilots MATE

With toolpilots MATE you can track, budget, control and report on your marketing activities anytime, anywhere.

Manage your marketing with MATE AI now easier and faster than ever before.

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